Load the Ark is a new mobile game based on the classic story of Noah’s Ark. As a player, you help animals on the last leg of their journey into the Ark. The core game play is reminiscent of classic games like Tetris and Bejeweled. However, in Load the Ark, the game “pieces” are not inanimate tiles, but animals with their own habits, personalities and quirks.

Your objective is to find each animal’s matching pair and guide them to the loading dock. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the terrain, weather and even the other animals. A simple swipe allows a player to move the animals vertically and horizontally along the paths to the Ark’s docks. You get high scores and bonuses based on how well you complete all three tasks.

Load the Ark will  feature four main geographic regions: jungle, desert, forest, and tundra—each with its own unique set of animals. Levels are based on locations with great biodiversity. A unique set of animals for each level, such as endangered animals or maybe even extinct.

This take on the classic tile-matching design allows for an incredible depth and variety of the gameplay.