Inception of Load the Ark

Seattle, May 22nd, 2014 - Last spring our team was working with several game concepts. At about the same time several key members joined the studio. Before taking on grander concepts, we decided to do an internal practice run as a team building exercise. Something simple that we would do fairly quickly and move onto bigger and better things. Examples of Tetris came up early in the discussions. Someone also noticed how a photo of an animal herd from above looks similar to the playing field in the above mentioned game. Managing the flow of animals, not the falling of blocks sounded much more exciting to us. What seemed even more exciting is having to deal with all kinds of different animals in one big herd. As I was trying to imagine examples of such a place or event that would have as many different animals in one place, one of the oldest stories in the world came to my mind. Noah's view from the Ark at the time of loading would be exactly that. A huge field of every animal species on Earth in one place. Everyone on the team liked the idea and enthusiastically started on it.

Napkin Concept Sketch
Napkin Concept Sketch

Looking back, the downside of it was that we never did the practice run. The more we worked on Load the Ark, the more we fell in love with the concept. Don't you think it is fun to make a lion run faster with a flick of your finger? Or stop a bull on its tracks with your pinky? We iterated, changed design, visual perspective and game mechanics. However, we are still as excited about this idea as we were on the first day, and looking forward to developing it as far as we can.

Andrei Melniciuc
2CRE8 Studios co-founder

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Fist Look at Gameplay

Christian Gamers Bring Bible Theme to the Digital Age

Seattle, Wash. (May 5, 2014) – Mobile devices have become integral to our daily lives. These devices bring worlds of media to our fingertips and as a result, interactive games have surpassed television and film as the highest grossing form of entertainment.

While there are a dizzying number of games available, many of them deal with topics that can be less than family-friendly.

Enter Seattle-based 2CRE8 Studios that recognizes a demand, as well as a responsibility to create family-friendly, Christian-based alternatives in this space.

“We believe games should be simple enough for the kids to pick up and play, but also deep and challenging enough to keep adults engaged,” says Andrei Melniciuc, 2CRE8 co-founder.

Composed of game industry and young professionals, a team of 13 young adults has been working nights and weekends for the last year to bring the classic story of Noah’s Ark to your fingertips. Fittingly, it is called, Load the Ark.

Game Overview

The core gameplay is reminiscent of classic games like Tetris and Bejeweled. However, in Load the Ark, the game “pieces” are not inanimate tiles, but beautifully designed animals with their own personalities, habits and quirks with which the player must contend. These elements, along with dynamic environments, terrains, weather conditions and obstacles, make this game a truly unique and engaging experience, and allows for an incredible depth of gameplay.

Vision for Christian Games

Load the Ark is the first of what Melniciuc hopes to be an entire slate of games made in accordance with Christian values.

The 2CRE8 team has completed all the pre-production work for Load the Ark and a prototype of the game for the iPad. But in order to develop this game to its full potential and release the final product for download, they need additional resources. They have decided to turn to crowd funding through to generate finishing funds and increase awareness about the game. To complete a polished, ready-to-download game, they need individuals to support this positive, family-friendly creative project.

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